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Lobbying is sexy
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Lobbying is sexy

The 'Réseau' was the ancestor of SYLM community. This was the official tee released the very year of its creation and its motto soon became the definitive name of the monarchist community.
Recycling a russian bolchevik design made some old twits mumble...

Front (large, middle and chest): monarchized 30s russian bolchevik design and mottos 'Lobbying is sexy' and 'Support your local monarch'.
Back (small, middle and top): logo and first rule of the Réseau... 'you do not talk about the Réseau'.

Designer: Zarma
Printing Technique: high quality offset
MEN: Colour  FitS, FitM, FitL, FitXL, FitXXL, XXXL
Fit-T or regular t-shirt (XXXL), 155g/m², 100% ring-spun cotton by Hanes.
Round collar. Color: Dark Blue
WOMEN: Colour  S (1), M (2), L, XL
Spicy-T t-shirt (155g/m²), 100% ring-spun cotton by Hanes.
V-neck collar. Color: Dark Blue


This product is limited to 100 pieces only.
Delivery will occur every friday.

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Rex Appeal is an independent monarchist brand launched in 2007 with one single purpose:

designing cool monarchist tee-shirts suitable for any cool people

All Rex Appeal products comply with the EC-317eS (reform 357-M) protocol against bullshit behaviors and ozone assholes proliferation. By wearing or using them, you aknowledge the fact that you might get involved in or victim of a seduction process with the opposite sex or even your own gender... not even mentioning animals.

With a Rex Appeal on, you sure walk the walk !
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