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SMYL... Support Monarch Your Local !
Just because we thaught that it was funny to play with our own acronym and to show a smiling monarchist face to the Wold.

Front (large, middle and chest): monarchized 70s smilie design and mottos 'Support monarch your local'.
Back (large, middle and top): Rex Appeal logo.

Designer: Zarma
Printing Technique: high quality offset
MEN: Colour  FitM, FitL, FitL
Fit-cut t-shirt, 160g/m▓, 100% ring-spun cotton by Hanes.
Round collar. Color: Sunflower Yellow
CHILDREN: Colour  XS, S, M, L
Classic-cut t-shirt, 145g/m▓, 100% ring-spun cotton by B&C.
Round collar. Color: Sunflower Yellow


This product is limited to 10 pieces only.
Delivery will occur every friday.

We are confident that you will find another nice - but available - product from our collections...

Rex Appeal is an independent monarchist brand launched in 2007 with one single purpose:

designing cool monarchist tee-shirts suitable for any cool people

All Rex Appeal products comply with the EC-317eS (reform 357-M) protocol against bullshit behaviors and ozone assholes proliferation. By wearing or using them, you aknowledge the fact that you might get involved in or victim of a seduction process with the opposite sex or even your own gender... not even mentioning animals.

With a Rex Appeal on, you sure walk the walk !
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